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Social Media Integration

What is Social Media?

Social Media is simply websites and apps that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking.
In this post we'll discuss social media in further detail and how LWD can help increase your social media presence.

Which Social Media Platforms should I use?

  1. Facebook - the biggest & best. Facebook has nearly 2 billion active monthly users! Therefore, it is imperative that your business is on Facebook and your presence is optimised. You can read more about Facebook ads
  2. Instagram - Facebook's smaller brother. Instagram is particularly aimed towards the younger half of the world. It links with Facebook seamlessly and is perfect for businesses with lots of imagery.
  3. Twitter - Twitter has declined in recent years due to missing shareholder targets, though Twitter is still a serious player within the social media world. Like Instagram, Twitter is a great place to start and is simpler than Facebook.
  4. Google+ Google's social media platform, Google+, is currently undervalued and a solid platform to launch your online presence. Due to the limited competition at present, it's a perfect way to claim your business' pitch. I predict that Google+ will become increasingly popular in the next couple of years.
  5. Pinterest - another riser. Pinterest has risen in popularity in the past couple of years and is especially popular with women. Pinterest have dofollow links which means your website can benefit from Pinterest's domain authority. This is an excellent way to get links to your website.
  6. LinkedIn - depends on the nature of your business. If your business is suitable for LinkedIn, you can benefit hugely by reaching other businesses and employees directly.
  7. YouTube - I've included YouTube as the video is becoming increasingly popular. You can create your own videos and possibility even a YouTube channel to promote your business. If you have 10,000+ views, you can receive money from YouTube for displaying ads. Check out my personal YouTube channel.

How Can LWD Help?

LWD offers Social Media Management. We offer the following services for each social media platform:

  1. Weekly social media post - ranging from photos, texts and videos
  2. Social media growth - we'll follow your target customers where possible to grow and generate business
  3. Reply to customer messages and comments - reply to all messages and comments received via social media
  4. Message new followers - we'll message new followers promoting your services
  5. Utilise hashtags - implement targeted hashtags in social media posts
  6. Create collections/boards - some social media platforms require the creation of collection/boards to categorise posts
  7. Encourage linking to your website - use social media as a tool to direct customers to your website
  8. Training - we can teach you how to manage your own social media accounts

Monthly Social Media Management Plan

Here at LWD we've put together a simple and easy monthly social media management plan. We'll complete steps 1 through to 7 and have your social media buzzing in no time! You will receive a monthly report detailing your account progress and results. There is a setup fee of £45 per account and a monthly cost of £90 per account. This plan includes everything from creating the account to managing and analysing the account - allowing you to focus on your business.

Do I need Social Media?

Yes! If you want to grow your business, then I highly recommend having social media. In fact, it was highly recommended for all businesses in 2010, never mind 2018! Social media is essential, especially with the younger generation. People will search for your business and if they do not find your business on social media, they're far less likely to buy from you. Social media has an exciting future ahead. It's expected to grow exponentially and implement new technologies that we can benefit from as businesses.


To summarise, social media is essential if you want to grow your business and make yourself known. LWD offers a range of social media services in our monthly social media management plan. This allows you to focus on your day-to-day business tasks. LWD also offers a Facebook Monthly Ad Plan. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. You can also find out more about me. I'm passionate about helping local businesses and would love to add value to your organisation!

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