Which Website Design Company To Choose?

Website Design Company

How to find the right Website Design Company. It's all about compatibility. You need to match the website design company to size and needs of your business.

What is a Website Design Company?

Web Design Companies specialise in creating websites to a specification required by the client. Some companies also offer further digital services and others may focus on certain types of websites. If you would like to read more about Website Design, Wikipedia has a some basic information if you're new to the subject.

Types of Website Design Companies

There are three main types of website design companies:

  1. Agencies
  2. Sole Traders and Freelancers
  3. "Outsourcers"

Let's discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Web Design Agencies

Website Design Company Agencies

Web design agencies are best suited for larger businesses. For example, famous brands such Ford, Topshop or Yorkshire Tea. Their operation and online needs are large and complex and therefore requires a dedicated, accountable team to service their businesses needs. However, web design agencies tend to be an expensive option as you're paying for a team's salary and the agency needs to profit! Generally, agencies are slower and less adaptable to change, as requests and communications must go through the correct channels.

Sole Traders and Freelancers

Website Design Company Freelance

Sole traders and freelancers are perfect for small to medium sized businesses - which form 90% of businesses in the UK. As the work required by these businesses can be completed by one individual or a small close-nit group of individuals. There are several benefits here, with the main one being price. Sole traders and freelancers charge significantly less than agencies as they have significantly lower overheads. This mean they can pass the cost saving onto their customers. Feel free to read one of our related articles website design pricing or care plans. The other main advantage is speed and flexibility. The direct communication between the designer and the client means any changes can be made on the same day. Generally, a more personal business relationship is developed. The drawback here is that sole traders and freelancers are not suitable for larger organisations. They do not have the time and resource needed to fulfil such demands.


Website Design Company Outsource

Watch out for these! Some companies sign up customers in the UK and outsource the work to less economically developed countries, mainly India and Bangladesh. As wages are far less in these countries, these companies can profit hugely. India does have a high standard of website knowledge and understanding, but when it comes to making websites for English speaking customers, the designs often vary resulting in poor and inconsistent standards. Furthermore, the communication process can be difficult as you speak to the English company which then speaks to the Indian designers - your requirements can be lost in the process. Similar to Chinese Whispers!


To summarise, choosing a website design company is all about matching the size and online needs of your business to the right web design company. Agencies are better suited to larger organisations, whereas Sole Traders and Freelancers are better suited to small to medium sized enterprises. Be cautious if you choose to outsource! I'm passionate about helping local businesses and would love to add value to your organisation. Please feel free to contact me. You can also find out more about me.

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