Website Design Pricing – It’s Cheaper Than You Think

Website Design Pricing

All you need to know about Website Design Pricing. A website is an investment. In fact, a well structured website should pay for itself in as little as a few weeks or a handful of transactions..

What is Website Design?

Web Design involves everything from creating to finishing, and then maintaining a website. If you would like to read more, Wikipedia has a some basic information on Website Design if you're new to the subject.

Website Design Pricing

It's simple, the price depends on two key factors:

  1. Time - how long will the website take to finish?
  2. Tools - how much are the tools needed to complete the website?


Website Design Pricing Time

If you require a website that is a couple of pages, or even one page (becoming increasingly popular), your website will not take weeks or months to complete. As a result, you'd be right to expect a fairly low price. Though if your website has multiple pages or hundreds of products, your website will take longer to finish. Therefore you would expect to pay more to reflect the increased labour cost. Smart website designers manage their time efficiently which allows them to finish jobs on time and to a high standard. Ideally moving onto the next project with minimal days lost in between.


Website Design Pricing Tools

Just like when you build a house, you need to pay for the materials. With a website, your designer may need to buy a theme, plugin or any other piece of software to fulfil your requirements. The price of such software can vary from just a couple of pounds to thousands. Take a look at some theme prices. All prices should be discussed and agreed prior to starting the project. Personally, I only use tools that have excellent reviews and are great value for money. Though, I would argue that most simple business websites do not need to spend much money (if any) here!

Success Story

I recently designed a website for a local Letting Agent. The Letting Agent received three times as many enquiries than they did previously. When they asked their new customers (who joined in the past month) how they found them, 80% stated through their website. Their website paid for itself in under one month! And don't forget this revenue stream will continue to grow as Google begins to rank their website higher. Not sure which Website Design Company to choose?

Website Design Pricing and Quotes

To summarise, website design pricing varies according to the time and tools needed to complete the project. I have found that my pricing is "affordable and great value for money" and enables any business to justify having a website. For a 5 page website that normally includes an about us, services, pricing and contact us page, I have a special price of £450 that includes absolutely everything you need. This price is only an estimate but more often than not turns out to be the final price. For more comprehensive website designs, please feel free to contact me. You can also find out more about me. I'm passionate about helping local businesses and would love to add value to your organisation!

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