Why Website Builders, such as Wix, Don’t Work

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Are you considering using Wix or any other website builder to design your website? Read this short article first - it will save you time and money! We'll discover what website builders are and discuss the pros and cons - leaving the decision with you!

What are Website Builders?

Website builders are tools that allow the construction of websites without manual code editing. The most popular website builder at the moment is Wix. Though a high proportion of my clients come from Wix - why is this? Let's find out, but first let's cover the advantages.


  1. Minimal knowledge of coding required - this means you can put together a website without needing to enrol in classes or obtain a degree.
  2. Free trial - most website builders give you a free trail to test their software.
  3. Utilise design experience - if you already know how to design and optimise pages for your desired outcome then you can play around and put your skills to the test.


These are the top 5 disadvantages received from my clients that came from Wix:

  1. Unprofessional designs - Most websites designed in Wix look outdated, or do not conform to best practice. By hiring a professional designer, your website will look great, but most important work! You will be able to easily navigate through the website and achieved the desired outcome.
  2. Basic features - Wix has several limitations in terms of software and features. Therefore, you need to ensure Wix can provide the right tool for what you want your website to do. Whether that be to take bookings, payments or generate calculated fields. Read more about which website design services to include in your website.
  3. Too much time - I've had clients that have wasted months trying to perfect their website on Wix. This means they cannot focus on their business and lose potential sales. By hiring a professional, you can work on and grow your business at the same time.
  4. Waste of money - as mentioned before, a significant number of my clients come from Wix. Most give up due to the lack of customisation available and not being able to achieve their desired website. Others refuse to upgrade their monthly plan when prompted and instead switch to a professional web designer.
  5. Slow website - The back-end customiser takes a long time to load. This means every time you want to make an edit, you must wait, which adds up!


The decision is yours! I firmly believe that your website is crucial to your business' success. Your customers will judge it (especially the younger generations). You can read an article on website design pricing or read a successful case study for a company I recently worked with. If you would like any support or come across any obstacles, please feel free to contact me and I will help solve your issues. Alternatively, if you want a professional to do the hard work, I'd be more than happy to design your website! You can also find out more about me. I'm passionate about helping local businesses and would love to add value to your organisation!

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